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Established Your Business as a Brand The bulk messaging service is one of the most popular services for the leading companies. SMS is the spam-free communication medium that provides you the best marketing strategy for promotions. SMS marketing strategy is adopted by maximum companies, though this technique is latest in the field of marketing strategy. In this mode of a communication system, the company uses this service much easier way and within a very less time even without disturbing the customer.
The sales person or company cannot know how they target the people that are interested in their services. Not even know that when they are going to approach them. In such cases, they prefer to hire the expertise instead of trying itself. The expert bulk SMS service providers convince the customer for purchasing their product or services that more effective than phone calls.
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TYSAS is a the fastest leading name in the business of online bulk SMS/mass text messages services, catering to all types of customers: big, medium and small sized companies. With our innovative solutions to send group text messages all over India through different SMS gateway networks, we are successful to have found our place special among our clients.
In general, SMS marketing is one of the unsurpassed opportunities to correspond with people immediately. With the SMS solutions by TYSAS, bulk SMS marketing falls quite unproblematic and reasonable. To help our clients enjoy to send bulk SMS, we have designed and brought successfully many campaigns and are exceptionally enthusiastic to share it with all those who are searching for an efficient medium to reach out to the clients within seconds at competitive prices.
Bulk SMS in India is a highly-budding trend, almost all the businesses need to send text messages for diverse reasons. Whether it is about establishing a new product or making a countrywide announcement, bulk messaging is best for all. With our bulk SMS services, we are able to direct all aspects of your necessities from start to finish. We intend and run campaign of our clients, if they wish to build a custom-made bulk SMS campaign based on their own business requirements and time frame. All in all, we will facilitate that for our clients too.

Types of Our SMS Services: Best Interaction Tools

Transactional SMS: Known as the best Transactional SMS provider in India, TYSAS is successful to have inscribed its name at finest SMS services providers. We give best transactional SMS service in India. What brings us best among all the rest is our improvement and loyalty towards bringing our clients best, so they can get most out of their investments. Transactional SMS service is generally used for direct interaction between business & consumer.
TRAI established this category to limit the unsolicited communication. The content of SMS settles on its category generally transactional SMS are such messages that restrain instructive content: like banks renew their registered customers about transaction, revising about Live Events.
Promotional SMS: TYSAS offers an idyllic promotional bulk SMS service to business of its clients, which can directly breed sales and leads for their companies. A promotional message is usually a gateway to take crazy benefits for the brand. All what matters is the content you drive to your audience to instruct them about your offer, product or services.
All in all, we believe that promotional SMS functions as a bingo to brands. Our enthusiastic team of professionals considers all such points and assists you in best possible way to form your messaging campaign a big success for your business.

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Our APIs SMS Sending API Services: Combine Business SMS Features

1. Send an SMS: Send individual/group SMS. Send up to 8000 messages per second by our forceful bulk SMS messaging API with occupied delivery acceptance.
2. Listed SMS Campaigns: Get a thorough list of all the messages you have planned to be sent out. Call off any unnecessary messages straight from within your own website/app.
3. Inbound Messages: Recover a list of inboxes and get the full list of messages in an array, if requisite. Results are returned as either JSON or XML for easy enclosure in your own systems.
4. Contact Management: Keep your contacts, create and remove contact groups, include contacts either individually or in bulk.
5. Message Reporting: Recover your message history as well as messages sent through Messenger, email to the API or SMS. Get status of any message or group of messages.
6. Messenger Surveys:Regain a list of your analysis. Your survey results are come back as either JSON or XML; these can be integrated in your own website/app, without doubt.
7. Account Management: Keep an eye on your Text SMS account and easily recover your SMS and MMS balances. Pull out a directory of all of the sender names on your account.

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DND Bulk SMS: Send Transactional SMS

We provide Promotional DND Bulk SMS Service Services in India at low price. Here you can spread your band, product or any offer within a second. Also you can send your clients new offers, new products or any events without delay. Known as a DND Bulk SMS provider, we have our bulk SMS marketing solution to help you send cheap bulk SMS in India. It is cheapest marketing solution to reach prospective customers. We help small businesses to breed their brand by our Promotional Bulk SMS.
Benefits of Our DND Bulk SMS solution
• Highest Accuracy
• Instant delivery of messages
• User-friendly online interface
• No software required
• Unlimited Free Sender IDs
• 99% service uptime
• Never-ending service experience
• Assured SMS Delivery to all mobile networks in India
• Dedicated SMS bandwidth for high volume users
• Promotional SMS on DND Numbers
• Web Based Bulk SMS Service
• No Software required
• Keep up all your contacts in particular groups online
• Send messages with your company/product name as Sender ID
• Build and save messages in Drafts
• Excel sheet upload
• Get Release Reports of all SMS Campaigns
• Send Flash Messages
• Schedule your SMS Campaigns at future date & time

Sender ID SMS: SMS Messages into a Potent Branding Tool.

Send SMS with a customer sender Id in the country. Here at TYSAS, our service lets you to compose your message with a distinctive identification that will flash in your customers’ mobile. Custom sender ID is a name/number that individually acts as your business identification. Yes, this is the ID which flashes on your customers’ mobile screen whenever they get an SMS from your business. Truly this is a simple character string and should go behind some certain criteria. At TYSAS, this is a free and accessible service. You can combine this sender ID service with any of your Promotional or SMS Transactional plan. The main benefit of custom SMS sender ID service is none other than business promotion. The best option for you is… you can use an abbreviation of your business name.
Rules of Unique Sender Id:
• No blank space.
• No punctuation or any other special characters.
• For India Sender id, 6 characters are accepted for transactional messages.
• Service is completely free.

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API: Powerful SMS Communication Infrastructure

TYSAS provides easy to use Free SMS gateway API for developers to combine it in their CRM’s. Also we have SAP integration instructions. Our SMS sending API supports both GET and POST methods.
Use of SMS API into application needs a simple approval by your account manager. All you need is… just send us an API activation request to our email address, revealing your username/Email ID. TYSAS provides API for sending promotional and transactional SMS. API structure for promotional and transactional SMS are comparable apart from one additional parameter requisite in case of transactional SMS.
Overlooking this factor may ensue in sending the SMS via promotional gateway and you may also get an inaccuracy of “Insufficient Balance”, if you do not have plenty promotional SMS balance in your TYSAS account. Here API structure and Parameter details are explained in the following section:
Transactional SMS API:
We highly advise going through transactional SMS guide before using transactional SMS.
1) Add one additional parameter gwid=2 in accessible API.
2) Make sure your Senderid (sid) id and templates (msg) are agreed in message text.
3) Download file to check how to combine template and change variable in message text.
It is a usual issue in India to face belated postpones and holes between message sending and conveyance. A SMS Gateway API is the elementary driver behind this variable. Diminish this gap and make the greater part of our SMS API India that provides quick administration in exceptionally moderate costs.
The Bulk SMS HTTP API Tool lets you to automate the sending and receiving of SMS messages by combining our SMS services directly with your business applications, websites or other software. To know how important the Bulk SMS API, we mention few of points important below:

  • Uncomplicated and unperturbed integration
  • All main development environments supported, such as ASP,PHP, C# etc.
  • Send SMS via HTTP POST, SMPP service
  • Free sample code, hints & tips
  • Free HTTP API and technical support
  • Plan SMS API

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