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TYSAS persists to invest in new technologies, promising that the newly-attained knowledge translates into expertise across the entire company. TYSAS has groups of experienced engineers with precise knowledge in a particular technology stack, which are conscientious to keep an eye on the technology landscape, frameworks and methods as well as recognizing to the emerging solutions soon to be demanded by the market.
In deciding on development and operating platform for our client projects, we at TYSAS occupy a Successful series of web technologies, such as Open Source, Mobile Technologies, Microsoft Skills and Application Development.
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Open Source

Open source technology has existed almost as long as computers. Technology is considered to be “Open Source” when the software code that is used to make it work has been purposely intended for easy access. This precision lets for communities of programmers to observe the source code and to make changes or enhancements to get the technology better. In its truest form, open source technology is any code accessible to the public with few or no copyright restrictions on how it can be changed or used. As social networking enhances, open source technology has developed into several subsets however.

Mobile Technologies

Developments in mobile technology have directed to many different types of mobile computing. In the 2010s, many people come into contact with mobile computing on a daily basis through smart phones, mobile computers and other portable devices. Many experts argue that the future of computer technology rests in mobile computing with wireless networking. Many types of mobile operating systems (OS) are available for smartphones, including: Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Windows Mobile Professional (touch screen), Windows Mobile Standard (non-touch screen) and Bada. Among the most popular are the Apple iPhone and the Android. Android is the first completely open source mobile OS.

Windows Platform

Microsoft’s suite of productivity products known as ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server and MVC Framework, is a fixture at businesses around the world. Many companies avail in-house training, particularly so workers can learn which methods and features the business needs to. Training is also given through the very expertise in such courses, and the company has a certification track involving online training, books and testing so users can become an expert in such skills.

Application Development

Web application development is known as the creation and maintenance of software applications to be used on the internet. This is done by specialized programmers, who are familiar with the coding necessary for the creation of Web pages, including HTML, XML, Flash, Perl, CSS, PHP, JSP, ASP, and others. One factor of Web application development that may not be apparent to the casual viewer is the number of revisions that such applications usually engage. Another kind of Web application development is used for the web-based office applications.


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